DHF work in Anegundi honoured by the Government of Karnataka

On 25th September, Latha Reddy, Chairperson of Deccan Heritage Foundation India, was congratulated on behalf of the DHF for being the first organisation to participate in the Karnataka government’s ‘Adopt-a-Monument’ scheme with its revitalisation of the Gagan Mahal, Anegundi, near Hampi.

The ‘Adopt-a-Monument’ scheme has been developed to provide the infrastructure and amenities needed to support tourism to the ever-expanding number of monuments in Karnataka receiving global attention. This includes Hampi, ranked second in the New York Times must-see global destinations list, and designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site along with Belur, Halebidu and Somanathapura and Pattadakal.

Note that the DHF has been involved with each of these sites long before their international accolades! Learn more and plan your travel to them with our informative and user-friendly e-guidebooks.