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The Deccan Heritage Foundation organises a number of events, from lectures, webinars and courses, to tours and publication launches. They feature fascinating presentations by world-renowned art historians sharing their latest research on the architecture, painting, tiles, textiles and gardens of the region. Explore past webinars below or Sign Up for our newsletter to be the first to know about upcoming lectures and events.

Whether you are curious about South Indian architecture, the iconic site of Hampi Vijayanagara, Deccani painting, or another aspect of the Deccan Plateau’s rich culture and history, learn from the experts by viewing video replays of DHF webinars and lectures. Also find out about our tours, courses and book launches here. Our database is searchable by topic, speaker, title and date making it easy to access whatever interests you.

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Other Lectures

21 Sep 2023

Sculptural Abundance and Visual Prestige: Hoysala Temples in Karnataka, India

Dr. Katherine E. Kasdorf

This lecture explores the visual intricacies of Hoysala temples in the southern Indian state of Karnataka. Built primarily during the 12th and 13th...

Other Lectures

23 May 2023

Cosmopolitan Visions: Art and Architecture from the Islamic Courts of Southern India

Deborah Hutton

Professor Deborah Hutton delivered an exploration of the diverse visual cultures that flourished circa 1600 in South Asia’s Deccan region. The Decc...

Other Lectures

28 Mar 2023

A Look at Vijayanagara’s First Great Photographer: Alexander Greenlaw – By George Michell

George Michell

  The extensive photographic coverage of Hampi, a town in Karnataka with numerous ruined temple complexes from the Vijayanagara Empire, by Ale...


16 Jan 2023

An Exceptional Edifice in Telangana: A Visit to the Pachala Someshwara Temple

A day trip was organised to the Pachala Someshwara Temple, Panagal, by the DHF on the 16th of January 2023. The group was accompanied by Dr. Helen ...

Events and Launches

15 Jan 2023

Inauguration of the Restored Rang Mahal Gardens: Koti, Hyderabad

The Deccan Heritage Foundation (DHF) has been involved in the restoration of the monuments and sites of the former British Residency, now within th...


13 Jan 2023

Splendours of Kakatiya Art: A Visit to Palampet and Ghanpur

A 12-hour day tour was organised to the Ramappa Temple and the Kotagullu group of temples by the DHF on the 13th of January 2023. The group was acc...

Other Lectures

17 Jun 2022

The Usha Subrahmanyam Memorial Lecture

George Michell

The Deccan plateau of peninsular India witnessed an unparalleled efflorescence in sacred Hindu and Jain architecture and art in the medieval age. T...


17 Jun 2022

A Cosmopolitan yet Local Tradition: Glazed Tiles in the Deccani Sultanates

Arthur Millner (Art Consultant)

17 June 2022 The tiles which embellished many monuments in the Deccan represent one of the richest and finest tile traditions of the Islamic world....


3 Dec 2021

Bahmani Architecture and Culture: The Tomb of Ahmad Shah in Bidar

Helen Philon (DHF) and Vivek Gupta (University of Cambridge) in conversation with Sara Mondini (Ca’ Foscari University of Venice)

3 December 2021 After the move of the headquarters of the Bahmani kingdom from Gulbarga to the third capital Bidar by Ahmad I Shah (r.1422-36) in c...


19 Nov 2021

Fragrant Stories: The Buddhist Landscape of the Early Deccan

John Guy (Metropolitan Museum of Art)

19 November 2021 This talk will explore the earliest recorded cultural landscape of the Deccan, that of monastic Buddhism, which prospered from aro...


12 Nov 2021

A Victory Tower Built by a Slave: The Chand Minar at Daulatabad

Mohit Manohar (Yale University)

12 November 2021 The Chand Minar (1446) at Daulatabad Fort is one of the tallest pre-modern stone minarets in the world and has long been recognise...


22 Oct 2021

Monumental Jinas and Networks of Prestige: Jain Temples of the Hoysala Capital

Katherine Kasdorf (Detroit Institute of Arts)

22 October 2021 The capital of the Hoysala dynasty (c. 1000–1346 CE), in present-day Halebidu, Karnataka, is best known for its elaborate sculptura...