To Be or Not to Be: a Guidebook

The role of a guidebook in stimulating interest in history and architectural preservation in the Deccan Plateau

Architectural heritage encompasses more than the simple historical value of monuments. The buildings and structures we see serve as windows into the complex histories, narratives and ideas of the period they belong to, holding larger social, artistic and cultural merit. Delving into the context behind them helps us better understand the nuances that informed their making and their evolution over time, presenting layered perspectives of both the past and the present. This approach informs the guidebooks of the Deccan Heritage Foundation that present the rich history, architecture and art traditions of Deccan sites and monuments.

Join us for a panel discussion as we explore our latest guidebook, Mysuru Srirangapatna, looking at how the book acts as more than a source of information for audiences visiting Mysore. Providing context into the architectural history of the city, the book becomes a way of inspiring an interest within visitors and the local community alike towards the heritage and history of this royal city.

In this session, Helen Philon and George Michell introduce the guidebook and moderate a discussion between the contributors, Malavika Murthy and Shivendra Urs. The panel, looking at the importance and impact of such a text on local communities, will also unpack the problems of preparing a guidebook for a city with such a layered and complex history.

This panel discussion is organised in collaboration with the Museum of Art & Photography.



Mazumdar Shaw Auditorium
First Floor,
Museum of Art & Photography,
Kasturba Road,

Jan 17th 2024, 6:30 PM to 7:30 PM.

All are welcome!