Guidebooks and Publications

One of DHF’s missions is to shine a light on the architectural wonders of the Deccan through authoritative and accessible publications, written by experts and backed by detailed research. Available for sale below, DHF’s richly illustrated and beautifully designed coffee table books and acclaimed series of practical guidebooks are must-haves for any cultural visitor to Deccan India.


Explore the rich world of Deccani art and architecture with DHF’s lavishly photographed coffee-table books presented with maps, building plans and rare archival material. Combining artistic appreciation with thorough historical research, these books will be of interest to anyone fascinated by Indian architecture.

Available in large format hardcover.

Travelling to the region? Delve deeply into sites and monuments of outstanding historical importance and architectural value with DHF’s practical guidebooks, replete with original maps, plans and photographs. Each title is a detailed guide to a heritage jewel, from the vast ruins of ancient Hampi to the Buddhist rock-rock cut monasteries of the Western Ghats. Educational, inspirational, and authored by experts in the field, these informative guidebooks will prove indispensable to interested visitors, scholars and students.

Available for sale here in paperback and soon to be available as instant downloads in eBook format for mobile, tablet and Kindle devices.

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