The Vira-Saivas/ Lingayats of 12th Century Karnataka: Conflict, Transformation, and the Genesis of a New Creed

20 May 2022

The lecture will provide a brief introduction to the early history of the Lingayat/ Vira-Saiva movement, in twelfth-century Karnataka, including the life of the reputed founder and the doctrinal foundations of this new belief system, which represented a real innovation (both religious and social), with respect to the Hindu milieu.

The core of the presentation will analyse the socio-religious and political role of the Vira-Saivas in the Deccan and their importance as tradesmen. The focus will be on how the economic changes and the social progress (leading to measures of public-welfare) brought about by them has lasted till today.

The final section will explore the reasons for the tensions between the Vira-Saivas, the Hindus and the Jains.

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Tiziana Lorenzetti

Graduating from the University of Rome ‘La Sapienza,’ Tiziana Lorenzetti obtained her PhD in History of the Art of India and Oriental Asia from the University of Genoa (Ital... Read More