A Cosmopolitan yet Local Tradition: Glazed Tiles in the Deccani Sultanates

17 June 2022

The tiles which embellished many monuments in the Deccan represent one of the richest and finest tile traditions of the Islamic world. The combination of multiple foreign artistic and technical influences with those from closer to home, both Deccani and from elsewhere in the subcontinent, have produced architectural ceramics of unique quality and variety. Examples can still be seen in the monuments of Daulatabad, Bidar, Bijapur, Golconda and Hyderabad. Sadly today, the remains of this glorious tradition are scanty. In this discussion, we look at some of the most important examples and try to bridge some of the gaps in our knowledge.

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Arthur Millner

Based in London, Arthur Millner is a consultant in Islamic, Indian, Himalayan and South-East Asian art. He studied at Queens’ College, Cambridge, and SOAS, University of Londo... Read More