Two to Three Day Hampi Itinerary

George Michell, an authority on Hampi, provides his advice for optimising your visit to this vast site

What do you do if you have only 2 days in Hampi? Architectural historian George Michell shares an itinerary that will help you make the most of your time:
Day 1 
Morning: Visit Vitthala temple and walk beside the Tungabhadra river to Hampi village; Krishna temple and Narasimha monolith 
Afternoon: Visit Lotus Mahal and Elephant Stables
Day 2 
Morning: Visit Queens’ Bath, throne platform, excavated features in the palace zone; Ramachandra temple 
Afternoon: Virupaksha temple, followed by sunset on Hemakuta Hill above the temple
And for those with a bit of extra time:
Day 3
Morning: Coracle ride on the Tungabhadra; continue to Anegondi for village shopping
Afternoon: sunset on Malyavanta Hill (can drive all the way up)