Renowned for its royal heritage, intricate architecture,and the annual Dasara festival, Mysuru embodies the cultural splendor of the region

Formerly the capital of a rich princely state, Mysuru is a charming city of tree-lined boulevards and palatial buildings, known for its silks and sandalwood. Within a half a day’s drive, visitors can explore a range of heritage monuments, from renowned Hindu and Jain pilgrimage sites, to intricate Hoysala temples and impressive Indo-Saracenic buildings.

Visitors to Mysuru and Srirangapatna have much to see, beginning with the Mysore Palace with its splendid audience halls, and the art collection in the Jaganmohan Palace. Those with more time and interest can tour the city’s other palaces, royal temples, civic monuments, and markets. An excursion to the shrine dedicated to Chamundeshvari on the hill above Mysuru is a must, as is a visit to the Brindavan Gardens on the city’s outskirts. At Srirangapatna they can pay their respects to Ranganathaswamy, the god who gives his name to the island, and explore the ramparts, gateways, dungeons, and armouries built by Haidar Ali and Tipu. Here, too, they can admire Tipu’s imposing congregational mosque, his summer palace with its historical murals, and the domed tomb where Tipu and his parents are buried. As for the English who vanquished Tipu, they are represented by churches, memorials, and cemeteries.

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