Sara Mondini

Sara Mondini is adjunct professor and temporary research fellow at the Venice Ca’ Foscari University (Italy). She holds a PhD in Oriental Studies from Venice Ca’ Foscari University (2009) and since 2009 she has been adjunct professor of Art History of India and Central Asia (BA), South Asian Visual Culture (BA) and Indian Modern and Contemporary Art (MA) at the same university. Since 2016, she is also adjunct professor at the FIT-Fashion Institute of Technology at Milan Politecnico, Milan (Italy) where she teaches Art and Civilization of the Islamic World (BA) and East Asian Art and Civilization (BA). She has conducted extensive research on Indo-Islamic, Indian and Islamic art and architecture in India, Middle-East, and North Africa, that have led to the publication of several articles. She is currently conducting research on the patronage of sacred Islamic architecture in South Asia, from both a stylistic and a socio-political point of view, by focusing on its transformation and perception across the centuries and on the way in which shared and/or contested sacred spaces are understood.